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  • Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development

    abcd200The ABCD Study is a national longitudinal study that will assess the short- and long-term impact of substance use on brain development. The project will recruit 10,000 youths before they begin using alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs, and follow them over 10 years into early adulthood.

    ABCD Study investigators will use advanced brain imaging as well as psychological and behavioral research tools to evaluate brain structure and function. The study will track substance use, academic achievement, IQ, cognitive skills and mental health over time.

    For additional information and resources, see the link below as well as the Frequently Asked Questions about the ABCD Study.

    Download the flyer: ABCD General Flyer.

    ABCD Training Meeting (22 of 66)

    Researchers across the U.S. gather in San Diego for ABCD training.

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