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JaxstoryiconResearch consists of systematic observations designed to give us reliable information about a particular condition that affects children, adolescents and adults. Research studies are crucial to allow us to better understand what treatment options are most effective, and what the potential benefits and side effects may be. Research is the only dependable way to build on what we know and improve what we can do to treat health problems.


Autism Spectrum Disorders and Occupational Therapy

Neurodevelopment, Genetics and Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol

How to Participate

I’m interested! How can I learn more? Please contact: Trinh Luu, Project Coordinator
P: 323-361-7756 You can also email us at brainstudy@chla.usc.edu
Who are we looking for? Individuals who are:* Are between ages 6 and 18.* Learned English before age 5 and speak it fluently. * Do not experience claustrophobic.  * Do not have any metal in or on their body. For example, no medical implants nor dental braces. * Were born at 36 weeks gestation or more (not premature).
What can I expect if my child or I participate? We will take Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) pictures of the brain to see if how the brain shape and activation changes with time. * We will see how you think using neuropsychological assessment (pencil and paper tests). * Participation involves 2-3 visits now, and the potential for follow up visits. * Subjects will receive $20/hour. * Appointments can be scheduled at times of convenience.

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