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Our research focuses on the assessment of brain structure and function during normal and abnormal development. We are actively involved in the conceptual development of new structural Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) analysis tools and are currently applying them in collaborative studies of normally developing children, adolescents and young adults, and children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, dyslexia, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Additionally, we are pursuing new studies using a combination of functional and structural MRI and neurobehavioral assessments in both normally developing children and adolescents, and in children with prenatal exposure to alcohol or methamphetamine.

Elizabeth R. Sowell, Ph.D.

Developmental Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory
Professor of Pediatrics | Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
Division of Research on Children, Youth and Families | Department of Pediatrics
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
4650 Sunset Blvd., Mailstop #130 | Los Angeles, CA 90027
Ph: 323.361.7347 | Fax: 323.361.7836 | brainstudy@chla.usc.edu


I’m interested in participating! Who do I call?

To find out more about participating in our research, please contact:
Trinh T. Luu, Project Coordinator
P: 323-361-7756
You can also email us at brainstudy@chla.usc.edu