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Megan Herting, Ph.D.

Previously a post doctoral fellow at DCNL, Dr. Herting is currently an assistant professor of preventive medicine at USC. Megan has a strong background in structural MRI, task-based and resting-state functional MRI, as well as diffusion tensor imaging. She applies these techniques to furthering our understanding of adolescent brain development. Megan’s PhD research examined how genetic-risk (e.g. family history of drug use) and environment (e.g. exercise) relate to brain and behavior in adolescents. As a postdoctoral fellow Megan has received grant funding from NICHD (F32 HD078084) to study how hormone changes (e.g. testosterone and estrogen) that occur during puberty contribute to typical and atypical neurodevelopment, and if these patterns and trajectories are distinct between boys and girls. Megan hopes her research will ultimately help us understand why some children, but not others, begin to present mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse during adolescence.