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Prapti Gautam, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

I completed my PhD at the Australian National University under the direction of Prof. Kaarin Anstey and Dr. Nicolas Cherbuin, where my research focused primarily on examining how brain variability as measured through structural MRI is related to cognitive aging in mid-life and old-age in epidemiological samples. During my Postdoctoral Training, under the mentorship of Prof Elizabeth Sowell, I have additionally learnt functional MRI and DTI techniques, and longitudinal analyses of working memory and executive functions in children that are typically developing as well as those with developmental-disorders. My past and current research in exploring brain-behavior relationships throughout the lifespan has led me to my long-term research goal of applying my knowledge into designing and implementing a cognitive intervention in children with low executive function skills, and identifying the neural correlates of intellectual change during development.


Australian National University